Have you already closed a financing round?

The information enables you to estimate the necessary scope of your VSOP contract. Due to the interests of your investors, a financing round requires additional clauses and regulations for your VSOP.

Is your company planning to close a financing round?

We should also consider the interests of future investors in a planned financing round. This requires the extension of your VSOP with additional clauses and regulations.

Does your company already generate more than 100.000€ turnover/year or has it existed for more than one year?

Your response will help us estimate the necessary scope of your VSOP package. This is defined by the number of clauses, regulations and the level of our liability risk.

Financing round
We define a financing round as an increase in capital investment and/or participation by shareholders (investors) who are not among the founding shareholders.
VSOP stands for"Virtual Stock Option Plan", i.e. an agreement under the law of obligations through which employees or executivesare favored by being placed in the same position in terms of assets as if they had a shareholding in the company with a predetermined number of shares ("virtual shareholding"). As a result, the identical economic outcome is achieved, the costly stock option programs.